Wet vs Dry Dog Food: What’s Better?

The topic of whether to feed wet or dry dog food comes up frequently among dog lovers. Which type of food is better for our dogs? What should we feed them?

Wet Versus Dry

Ultimately, the decision to feed wet or dry dog food is up to you. There are pros and cons to each. Take a look at the list below when making your decision.

Wet Dog Food Pros

  • High water content
  • Easily digested
  • Great for dogs who are picky eaters

Wet Dog Food Cons

  • Doesn’t maintain oral health (if wet dog food is provided, be certain to get chew toys or chew treats like greenies to help maintain oral health)
  • Must be refrigerated once the can is opened
  • Can only be refrigerated for a limited amount of time
  • More expensive

Dry Dog Food Pros

  • Can be stored for long periods of time
  • Maintains oral health
  • The ‘crunch’ reduces anxiety
  • Can be used as treats for training
  • Less expensive than wet dog food

Dry Dog Food Cons

  • Low water content
  • Not digested as easily

Other Options

Please note, wet or dry commercial dog food is not your only option. You can also feed your dog a home-cooked diet if you would like to. If you are interested in feeding your dog a home-cooked diet, take a look at the other articles available on this website to assist you with preparation and feeding.

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