Can Dog Toys Be Washed?

Can dog toys be washed? You might be surprised to hear this, but pet toys can be washed. It may not be a good idea to wash them regularly, but it is possible. Some pets like their toys to get dirty and others don't mind if their toys stay clean. If you have a pet … Continue reading Can Dog Toys Be Washed?

Can Dogs Get Seasonal Depression?

Can dogs get seasonal depression? Yes, dogs can experience seasonal depression and exhibit signs similar to how we do. If your dog is experiencing the winter blues, continue reading to determine why they're feeling this way and how to help. Seasonal Depression in Humans We know that seasonal changes can affect a person's mood—a condition … Continue reading Can Dogs Get Seasonal Depression?

7 Dog Gadgets You’ve Never Seen

You would be surprised at how much 'dog stuff' there is out there. We could make a HUGE list of everything we have found working at Canine Companions, but we are going to limit the list to ten today. Take a look below and find ten of the coolest dog gadgets today!

7 Tips for Choosing the Best Dog Toys

Would you buy your 6 month old baby a nerf gun or an easy bake oven; of course not. How do you decide what kind of toys to buy for your fur baby? Is it better to buy a bunch of cheaper toys so they will have more to choose from or a few that … Continue reading 7 Tips for Choosing the Best Dog Toys