Can Dog Toys Be Washed?

Can dog toys be washed? You might be surprised to hear this, but pet toys can be washed. It may not be a good idea to wash them regularly, but it is possible. Some pets like their toys to get dirty and others don't mind if their toys stay clean. If you have a pet … Continue reading Can Dog Toys Be Washed?

8 Signs of Dog Dental Problems

Dog dental problems include such periodontal disease as gingivitis and periodontitis. Dogs with dental problems commonly show symptoms such as bad breath, excessive drooling, loss of appetite, and more. Dental problems in dogs are common canine health problems. In fact, a lot of the most serious health problems in dogs are related to their gums … Continue reading 8 Signs of Dog Dental Problems

10 Most Common Health Problems in Dogs

What’s your best guess as to the most common dog health problems that people think are serious enough to bring their pups to the vet? Approaching things the other way round, the most common condition dogs have — but their people are not concerned about — is a dirty mouth and dental disease. 10 Most … Continue reading 10 Most Common Health Problems in Dogs

Health Issues with Dachshunds

As anyone who owns one knows, Dachshunds are energetic, fun-loving dogs with an independent (and sometimes stubborn) streak. Seeming to possess almost limitless supplies of energy, it can be hard to tell when your dog is feeling a bit off. So that you’ve got a better idea of what to look out for, here are … Continue reading Health Issues with Dachshunds

What Dog Poop Means

As a dog owner, you can sometimes find yourself obsessing over dog poop. You want to know what dog poop means. From the color of it, to the shape and consistency, you may be wondering what's normal. Our guide to dog poop aims to answer all of your questions and more. Every dog poos; this … Continue reading What Dog Poop Means

Rhodesian Ridgeback Health Issues

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a tough and loyal breed of dog that was originally developed to hunt lions, but the Rhodesian Ridgeback health issues are what could become overbearing. Even with this rough exterior and mighty history, this breed does have some drawbacks including disorders and diseases that may come into play during ownership. All … Continue reading Rhodesian Ridgeback Health Issues

Common Dog and Cat Health Problems

Owning a cat or a dog has many benefits, but in certain circumstances there can be unexpected costs as well. If they go untreated early on, your pet’s health problems can become very expensive, although in some instances, pet insurance can help. Since they can’t speak to us, it can be hard for us to … Continue reading Common Dog and Cat Health Problems

Dog Grooming at home Effortlessly-Best Advice

Dog Grooming is always important and a challenging task for its owners. Some people do self-grooming whilst numerous avail the services from the professionals. The professions use different devices and gadgets to style the pets. However, one can easily do the same at home with little effort. In this way, you can save some money … Continue reading Dog Grooming at home Effortlessly-Best Advice

Common Dalmatian Health Concerns

As wonderful and beautiful as the Dalmatian breed is, there are a few things we as owners should be concerned with when it comes to their health. Just like any other breed, there are certain breed specific problems that Dalmatians suffer from. And of course there are other health problems that are not specific to … Continue reading Common Dalmatian Health Concerns

Labrador Retriever Rescue Organizations and Breed Profile

If you're looking for a Labrador Retriever rescue, you have come to the right place. Before we live into Labrador Retriever rescue organizations though, it's important to get to know the breed. We want to help you ensure this is the right breed for you. Labrador Retrievers were originally bred for their work ethic. They're … Continue reading Labrador Retriever Rescue Organizations and Breed Profile