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Socializing Your Puppy

If you have a new puppy, the best way to socialize him or her is by exposing your pooch to lots of different people, places, and things. This will help them become accustomed to new environments and feel comfortable in whatever situation they find themselves in. Here are some tips on how to do just … Continue reading Socializing Your Puppy

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Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

Dogs are the best. They're always happy to see you, they love going for walks, and they're always excited to play fetch. But as any dog owner knows, taking care of a dog can be a lot of work. From making sure they get enough exercise, to keeping their coat clean and healthy, there's a … Continue reading Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

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Top 7 Guard Dog Breeds

Most people wouldn't think of a dog as a guard dog, but some breeds are better at it than others. If you're looking for a furry security system for your home, check out these top breeds. Some of them may not be the biggest or scariest dogs around, but they'll certainly keep unwanted guests away. … Continue reading Top 7 Guard Dog Breeds

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How to Teach Your Dog to Sit on Command

Everyone loves a good dog trick, and mastering the sit command is a great place to start. Teaching your dog to sit on command can help you establish dominance, which will lead to a more obedient, well-behaved pup. This article provides a few steps for teaching your dog to sit on command so that it's … Continue reading How to Teach Your Dog to Sit on Command

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5 Easily-Trainable Dog Breeds

A dog is the perfect addition to a complete family, and that is quite undeniable! And while this idea may primarily give you visions of good times in your head, there are also a lot of important things about pet ownership to consider, before getting a dog. Of course, we all want a kid-friendly, obedient, … Continue reading 5 Easily-Trainable Dog Breeds

50 Unique Dog Names for Your Pup

do better than Spot, Rover, or Fluffy when you're naming your dog Be the owner at the dog park who shouts out for your dog with a cool, great, and uncommon dog name. Your dog is a family member, a best friend, and a trusted sidekick. Choose a name that reflects your dog's heart and … Continue reading 50 Unique Dog Names for Your Pup

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10 Best Dog Training Tips

Listen to Your Dog Learn to pay attention to your canine companion. Do not force your dog to say hello to another dog, animal, or person if he appears to be uncomfortable. He's expressing his dissatisfaction for a purpose, and you should respect that. Forcing the issue can often lead to more serious issues in … Continue reading 10 Best Dog Training Tips

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Puppy Training Stages: Ages and Stages in Your Pup’s Development

Never mind about puppy training stages — the picture-perfect puppy is all snuggles, wet kisses, and puppy breath, right? Sure! You’ve probably already realized that your “perfect” puppy also comes with nipping, barking, peeing on the carpet, and knocking over your neighbor’s toddler! That’s why it’s important to learn potential puppy training stages right away. … Continue reading Puppy Training Stages: Ages and Stages in Your Pup’s Development

The ‘Smartest’ Dog Breeds

There's no easy way to rate dog intelligence. As the psychologist Stanley Coren wrote in the '90s, there's adaptive intelligence (i.e., figuring stuff out), working intelligence (i.e., following orders), and instinctive intelligence (i.e., innate talent) — not to mention spatial intelligence, kinesthetic intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, and more. As the animal behaviorist Frans de Waal has … Continue reading The ‘Smartest’ Dog Breeds

Video: Separation Anxiety in Dogs

One of the most common problems a canine behaviorist handles is separation anxiety. It is easy to become frustrated when your dog has separation anxiety, and that frustration can be sensed by your dog making the situation that much more difficult. SEPARATION ANXIETY What is separation anxiety, exactly? Separation anxiety is often thought to be … Continue reading Video: Separation Anxiety in Dogs