5 Steps for Successful Leash Walking

Dogs aren’t natural leash walkers. And, it takes patience to train a dog to walk on a leash… so don’t feel discouraged if your dog isn’t quite comfortable yet. It can be frustrating to feel a constant tug at the leash… but remember if they’ve never walked on a leash before- it’s a completely new … Continue reading 5 Steps for Successful Leash Walking


Dog Talk: The Full Edition

Dog Talk: The Full Edition is now available on Amazon. Discover the world from your dog's perspective. Learn why your dog is behaving the way she is. And, solutions to nearly every dog behavior problem.  Learn what makes your dog 'tick,' how to improve your bond, and methods of training. The Chapter Outline of Dog … Continue reading Dog Talk: The Full Edition

How to Get Your Pup to be All Ears

Dogs are an intelligent species; they can assist the disabled and are great detectives. However, at times we do feel that our dogs aren’t smart as they don’t listen to our commands.  Of course, it is difficult to make your dog walk off leash or to get him to leave the chicken bone he found … Continue reading How to Get Your Pup to be All Ears

My Dog Eats Too Fast, What Do I Do?

There are many dogs who eat way too fast. You may not think there is harm in eating too quickly but, dogs who eat too fast can develop several health issues including bloat and obesity. But, how can you get him to eat slower? Slow Feed Bowls My recommendation for dogs who eat too quickly … Continue reading My Dog Eats Too Fast, What Do I Do?

Get Your Dog to Stop Pulling on the Leash

It's almost time to take your dog for a walk but first you need to get mentally prepared. You are about to go for a walk with your dog... which should be an enjoyable experience but your anxiety is kicking in about your dog pulling on the leash the entire walk. By the time you … Continue reading Get Your Dog to Stop Pulling on the Leash

Help! My Dog Won’t Stop Jumping on Everyone!

Help! My dog won't stop jumping on me! This is a common behavior problem encountered by canine behaviorists. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a behavior problem that your dog will have forever unless you don't fix it. Your dog can learn how to act appropriately around you and your guests. Understand the Reason … Continue reading Help! My Dog Won’t Stop Jumping on Everyone!

Destructive Chewing

Chewing is a dog's way of 'exploring the world.' Often, we hear of puppies chewing excessively because it relieves the pain of teething. In other dogs, it is their natural instinct to chew to keep their teeth clean and healthy. Chewing is also a dog's way of relieving anxiety or boredom. Excessive Chewing Becomes a … Continue reading Destructive Chewing