Top 10 Common Dog Health Problems & Solutions Explained

After years of research, the people who care for dogs have identified 10 common health problems with solutions that every dog owner should know about. In fact, the consensus among veterinarian’s nationwide states that most dog health problems can be sorted out if the owner takes certain preventative measures when their pet is a puppy.

As hidden as most dog health problems are today, a recent study found that most people care more about their dog’s health much more than their own because they simply love their animals. Thus, the best advice is to ensure your dog has periodic health exams at least once a year with a certified veterinarian.

Dog health problems have roots!

There is a widespread view among leading veterinarians that many of the top 10 common illnesses that impact your pooch are both preventable and treatable.

#10. Heartworms

Because your dog will eat just about anything and everything under certain conditions, it is all important to know what they are consuming, say vets. For instance, an untreated heartworm attack can kill a dog.

The solution is to simply make sure your animal receives the proper heartworm medications that are prescribed and offered by vets and other dog care professionals.

#9. Ticks and Lyme disease

Some dog health problems tend to involve a rash or other skin issues caused by ticks that can implant itself under a dog’s skin and cause Lyme disease and other health conditions.

The guidance also includes tick exposure that results in a rash or other health woes because your pooch is allergic to the parasites that are involved. The solution for a dog’s skin issues – when tick exposure is suspected along and possible Lyme disease exposure — is to bathe the dog as soon as possible in hopes the bath will remove the ticks.

#8. Heart disease

According to the American Veterinarian Association, the threat of heartworms in dogs is a clear and present danger. In turn, veterinarians advise all dog owners to be aware of heart disease and how it can negatively impact the overall health of their pooch.

While vets also recommended regular check-ups to reveal any heart issues, they also suggest that owners administer heartworm medications that targets one of the leading causes of heart disease in dogs.

#7. Cancer

A dog with strange swellings, sores or lumps is a good reason to get the pooch to a vet as soon as possible due, in part, to the view that more and more dogs are coming down with cancer and other serious diseases that can kill.

The solution for such illnesses and disease in dogs is the same as the treatment for humans with vets offering chemo and other radiation treatments to help kill the cancer cells or various surgeries to cut out the suspect cancer before it grows and multiplies. However, there are more natural options that can be discussed with an integrative or holistic veterinarian.

#6. Arthritis

While most dogs seem to have nine lives like cats, there are times when your pooch will underestimate a jump or other movement and simply break his or her leg. In turn, the dog will cry out in pain and being to limp or not move at all if he or she has a broken limb.

The solution for arthritis prevention — that is often caused by an injury early in a dog’s life – is to quickly take your pet to a vet for either a cast or surgery to repair the broken bone. Also, if the dog experiences arthritis symptoms in later life, your vet can recommend both medications and physical therapy that will ease the dog’s painful symptoms.

#5. Kennel Cough

While humans can pass on a cold when coughing in public, so too can a dog become infected with a contagious cough that is due to a stain of dog bronchitis and other types of coughs that infect the windpipe and mouth of a dog when exposed to other dogs that are infected with disease.

The solution for helping your dog’s cough or rash that suddenly appears due to an infection is as simple as taking your pooch to a trained veterinarian for a shot of antibiotics made for dogs. The vet can also offer other medications to help ease your dog’s painful symptoms.

#4. Vomiting

A dog throwing up, as many dog owners know, is a sign of eating some harmful foods or something the pooch should not have ingested. The best advice from vets is to stop feeding your dog for about a day if he or she is throwing up or continues to have diarrhea. Consult a veterinarian if the symptoms continue for a few days or if the dog is doing other things that are viewed as a serious cause for concern.

#3. Ear infection

While humans can experience ear pain and infection from a cold or flu, so too can a dog’s ears become infected with a contagious strain of bacteria enters the body. The solution for helping your dog’s ear infection – that suddenly appears due to an infection – is as simple as taking your pooch to a trained veterinarian for a shot of antibiotics made for dogs. The vet can also offer other medications to help ease the painful ear symptoms.

common dog health problems explained
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#2. Obesity

While a dog has a much shorter intestine than a human being, there is still a view that bad food going into a dog means bad junk coming out of a dog while also having a negative impact on the pet’s overall health and weight.

The best advice from vets is to read the label of the foods you are feeding your dog to ensure the ingredients are natural and free of harmful additives and chemicals that will harm your dog both in the short and long run. Holistic veterinarians also often recommend considering a raw diet.

#1. Dental Disease

Another aspect of treating dogs today is linked with the view that many of the health woes striking people also seem to bother dogs in some way or form. In fact, an American Veterinarian Society study that states a whopping 90 percent of all dogs in the U.S. today have some sort of gum disease that can lead to such health woes as kidney, heart and lung disease.

The solution is to simply brush your dog’s teeth after meals in the morning and evening. In addition, it is a good idea to focus on your dog’s teeth and gums during regular visits to the vet.

Visit the Veterinarian

Overall, there has never been a better time to be a dog lover who wants to provide his or her animal with the best medical treatment that money can buy. The best advice from dog owners is when in doubt about your pet’s health, air on the side of caution and gets your dog to the vet.

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