Why Do Dogs Chase their Tails?

Your dog chasing his tail is most commonly a playful behavior. There are other reasons your dog may chase his tail, though. Take a look at the article below if you’re interested in learning the reasons why.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

While this is not a common reason for dogs to chase their tail, it is worth talking about. Dogs who are in stressful situations, like shelter dogs, may chase their tails to try and ‘forget’ where they are. Chasing their tails basically gives them something else to think about other than all of the dogs barking around them.

Medical Reasons

Sometimes, a dog may be chasing his tail excessively due to a medical problem. Skin allergies is the most common medical reason. If your dog’s back is itching, or their tail and surrounding areas, they may chase their tail.

Have you noticed any other allergy symptoms?

Exploring their Body

Puppies love chasing their tails… why? Because in many cases, your puppy doesn’t understand their tail is even a part of their body! Funny, right?

Time to Chase the Tail

Canine behaviorists don’t usually address tail chasing behavior because it’s a dog’s way of ‘being a dog.’ Most of the time, dogs are playing when chasing their tails.


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