When Does a Puppy Become an Adult Dog?

Our puppies grow up so fast. One moment we are holding them in our arms and the next minute, they’re all grown up. But, which age does a puppy become an adult?

Every Puppy is Different

Every puppy, and dog, is unique. If your puppy is not as mature as other puppies his age, don’t take this as a ‘bad’ thing. Some puppies just mature sooner than others. For the most part, you can consider your puppy an adult at around 1-2 years old.

Emotional Maturity

Emotional maturity basically means… when does the puppy start acting like an adult dog instead of a wild puppy? Well, this varies significantly based on environment, breed and other factors. German Shepherds, for example, often mature later emotionally than a Corgi puppy.

Switching Food

This is a common question Canine Nutritionists and Behaviorists are asked. When can I switch my puppy from puppy food to regular food? If you have a small breed dog, they can be switched as early as 9 months of age. Medium breeds can begin eating adult dog food at about one year of age. Large breed dogs should wait a little bit longer to transition– about 1 year and 3 months old.

Large breed dogs take longer to adjust to adult dog food because their bodies are still growing when small breed dogs are ready to transition.

I Don’t Know My Dog’s Age

If you aren’t sure of your dog’s age, you can ask your veterinarian. Your veterinarian is able to determine approximately how old your puppy is.

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  1. I own an extremely boisterous, playful and frankly MAD chocolate Lab. To the question, ‘When does your puppy stop being a puppy?’ I would, in my case, suggest NEVER. Still, his antics keep my blogs topped up so hey ho.

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