Tips for Potty Training Your Puppy

Potty training your puppy is a crucial part of your pup’s development. You need to start as soon as possible, so you and your pup can develop good habits.

Steps for Potty Training Your Puppy

The first thing you need to do is get your puppy comfortable with his new home. If he’s been in the shelter for awhile, it might be difficult for him to adjust. So keep him in a small area at first and gradually introduce him to more of the house as he becomes more comfortable.

Next, take him outside every half hour or so, even if he doesn’t go potty. This will help him start to recognize that going potty outside is normal behavior and will help him learn what’s expected of him when he does need to go out there.

When you take your puppy out, make sure that he goes potty immediately upon exiting the door and before coming back in again (unless he’s a very young puppy). Make sure that both ends of this exercise are really quick and easy — don’t drag it out!

If your puppy doesn’t go potty right away when you bring them outside, don’t punish them or yell at them — just bring them back inside and try again later.

Tips to Potty Train Your Pup Successfully

  1. Start by keeping your puppy on a regular feeding schedule. Puppies typically need to go outside after they eat, so try to take him out right before he eats and right after. This will help him learn his potty schedule.
  2. Take him outside frequently throughout the day to encourage him to go potty outside. Don’t punish him if he has an accident inside; this will only cause confusion for both of you! Just clean up the mess and try again later on in the day or next morning if needed.
  3. Keep your puppy’s crate near an area where people spend most of their time (such as the living room or kitchen). This way he’ll be exposed to more stimuli and hopefully have more opportunities to go potty when he needs to without being left in his crate for long periods of time without anyone noticing!
  4. Make sure all members of your family know what you’re trying to accomplish with the new puppy and who is responsible for taking him out at any given time.

Get started!

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