The Bedlington Terrier Breed: Profile and Care Guide

The Bedlington Terrier breed is a small, short-haired dog with an easygoing personality and lively appearance. This breed was developed in Bedlington, Northumberland (England) in the late 1800s and is on the AKC’s list of rare breeds.

Bedlington Terrier History

Originating in England, the Bedlington Terrier was originally known as the Rothbury, Rodbury or Northumberland fox terrier. The first Bedlington Terrier was born in 1825 when a Rothbury dog was bred with a female Bedlington.

The Bedlington Terrier breed was originally bred to hunt small vermin such as rabbits and badgers. They are mainly used as companion dogs today.

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The Bedlington Terrier is a small to medium sized dog that weighs between 18-23 pounds. Their height generally ranges between 15″ to 17″.

The AKC recognized coat colors for the Bedlington Terrier are sandy, blue, liver, sandy and tan, blue and tan, liver and tan.

The coat is a mixture of soft and hard hair that tends to be curly but not wiry.

Temperament and Personality

This intelligent, loving and gentle breed makes a good family pet. They are good with children. However, because they have such a high energy level they are recommended for homes with older, well behaved children.

With early socialization, they can be good with other dogs and pets. They were bred to hunt vermin and small animals, so they might still chase cats and other non-canine pets. They tend to be wary of strangers, but will eventually warm up to them.

Exercise Requirements

A well secured yard and a leash are a must as they are very quick dogs and are hard to catch if they run from you or are chasing an animal. They need plenty of play and exercise, but are somewhat active indoors, so a small yard or regular walks will suffice.

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They are easy to train. They love to be around their family and don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time. Even though they are a smaller breed, they will protect their family or fend for themselves against large animals if need be.

Is the Bedlington Terrier Right for You?

A breed with such a playful, loving, energetic nature is perfect for families that will give them enough exercise and companionship. A good watchdog and a friendly family pet all rolled into one make the Bedlington Terrier fit into many family dynamics.

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