How Do You Put a Thundershirt on a Dog?

If you haven't met me personally, let me tell ya, I do not like to recommend anything that I don't know 100% works. But, how do you put a thundershirt on a dog? And, what are the pros and cons? Professional Thoughts on Thundershirt For Dogs Also, as a Canine Behaviorist who works with all … Continue reading How Do You Put a Thundershirt on a Dog?

Thundershirt Eases Anxiety

The Thundershirt applies a gentle, but constant, pressure to your dog's body to ease her anxiety throughout different situations. Of course, the Thundershirt often helps dogs get through thunderstorms (which is why it's called the thundershirt)... but it can also help decrease separation anxiety... or anxiety in general. The Thundershirt is often recommended before you … Continue reading Thundershirt Eases Anxiety