Pet Insurance Saves Money

What they don’t tell you about pet insurance: Written by the team at Pets have always been part of the modern familial hierarchy in America, with 67% of households owning at least one. This reflects a significant increase since 1988 when only 56% of households did. Despite the economic hardships that pets can impose, … Continue reading Pet Insurance Saves Money

Wisdom Panel DNA Test

What Breeds Were Your Dog’s Parents? DNA Test for Dogs!

Have you always wondered what breeds your dog is mixed with? Perhaps you know she's a Lab, but you aren't sure what else is in there. Click here to find out more!

I’m Hesitant to Hire a Pet Sitter, But I Have to Work

Whether you’re considering hiring a pet sitter for vacation stays or an everyday stay while you’re at work, you might be hesitant or nervous to give someone else the opportunity to care for your dog. And, that’s completely understandable. Looking at the benefits and learning how to hire a qualified professional may ease your mind. … Continue reading I’m Hesitant to Hire a Pet Sitter, But I Have to Work