Wisdom Panel DNA Test

What Breeds Were Your Dog’s Parents? DNA Test for Dogs!

The ‘Deets’
  • With a simple cheek swab you can do at home, this test searches over 350 breeds!
  • There are only three steps to complete!

How it works: THE DOG DNA TEST

All you have to do is collect your dog’s DNA with a cheek swab. Then, activate your kit online and send your kit to the lab!

P.S.- The shipping is prepaid so there aren’t any additional expenses!

how long to get results?

You’ll receive our genetic analysis of your dog’s ancestry & breed identification in as little as 2 weeks.

the benefits of dna testing for dogs

  1. Genetic testing can help you identify breeds therefore identifying specific health issues common to those breeds.
  2. Based on the results, you can work with your veterinarian to develop training and nutrition plans.
  3. AND, of course, you will now know exactly what breeds your dog consists of!

wisdom panel: most comprehensive dna for dogs company

Wisdom Panel is leading the way in genetic testing for dogs. They have tested over 1.5 million dogs and developed the most comprehensive breed database in the world!

understand your dog better

You will better understand your dog by discovering:



:::::: Wellness Needs

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I’m Hesitant to Hire a Pet Sitter, But I Have to Work

Whether you’re considering hiring a pet sitter for vacation stays or an everyday stay while you’re at work, you might be hesitant or nervous to give someone else the opportunity to care for your dog. And, that’s completely understandable. Looking at the benefits and learning how to hire a qualified professional may ease your mind.

A professional dog sitter will ensure your dog gets the right amount of exercise all day. The sitter will make sure your dog has plenty of interaction and is fed properly. Professional pet sitters should also be comfortable, and qualified, to provide your dog with medication should he or she take any daily.  

Hiring a pet sitter will also make sure your dog has plenty of human interaction throughout the day. Socialization and play is critical for our dogs- and they won’t have to be lonely during the day with the pet sitter.

If you choose a professional pet sitter from a service like Rover, you can rest assured knowing your dog is covered under a pet insurance plan. If for any reason, something were to happen, you would pay a small deductible and pet insurance would cover the rest of the bill.

You should decide if you feel comfortable bringing your dog to the sitter’s house… or if you’ll require the sitter to come to your house for the day.

Finally, make sure you schedule a meet-and-greet once you think you have found ‘the one.’ See how your dog interacts with the prospective sitter. And, take that time to learn more about their qualifications. Tell them about your dog’s schedule. Make sure the fit feels right for you, your dog, and the pet sitter.

To learn more about your dog, grab a copy of Amber L. Drake’s book, Dog Talk: What Your Dog Wants You to Know, available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.