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book cover dog talkDog Talk

If you’re looking for a comprehensive book, which includes everything you need to know from A to Z about your dog, this book is a must have. “Dog Talk” contains over 400 pages packed full of all of the information your dog wants you to know. This book covers every topic you could possibly think of including the history of the dog, the bond we share with our dog, canine behavior problems and solutions, canine nutrition…and more!

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pupply love book coverPuppy Love: Early Care and Training

Are you interested in adopting a puppy but do not know where to start? Perhaps you recently adopted a puppy and are searching for ideas regarding training and socialization. This book will cover the following topics to assist you in caring and training for your new addition:

  • Getting Ready for Your Puppy
  • Choosing the Right Puppy
  • High Risk Breeds
  • Puppy Supplies

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all about dogs book coverAll About Dogs

Are you adopting a dog or are you currently a dog parent? If so, this book is for you. In this book, you will learn about various topics including dog psychology, what you need to know before you adopt, aggression in dogs, separation anxiety, excessive barking, inappropriate chewing, basic dog care, grooming and more!

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