October: Pit Bull Awareness Month

Did you know October is Pit Bull Awareness month? National Pit Bull Awareness month was ‘coined’ in 2007 to raise awareness for the breed.

Some people, when they think of the Pit, think of the most adorable, cuddly doggies.

Others immediately think about what they see on the media. The media focuses on this breed as a ‘bad breed,’ but this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Pit Bulls at Work

Pit Bulls, due to their high level of loyalty, have been and are still used in a number of fields including:

  • As K9’s in law enforcement
  • Therapy dogs
  • Military working dogs
  • Service dogs

Pit Bulls at Home

Ask nearly any Pit guardian and they will tell you, their Pit is a part of their family. Not only are they a part of the family, they are a favorite breed for many. When raised properly, this breed can be the most incredible family companion.

We will discuss Pit Bull misconceptions in a different article, as it can become quite lengthy. 

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One thought on “October: Pit Bull Awareness Month

  1. We have our second pit bull terrier now. She is almost one year old. Our first was a red nose pit and lived for 15 years. If you raise your pit or ANY dog the way you want them, they are the most loyal and loving dogs you can have. Our girl now plays rough with older kids but with my 2 year old great grand-baby she slowed down, let him take toys from her mouth to throw and LICK ON HIM. Both were easy to house-train; it only takes consistency for a little while. Her biggest problem is she doesn’t want to quit investigating, playing or whatever when outside and is hard headed when calling her to come in. Awesome pets with LOADS of energy.

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