5 Steps for New Pet and New Business Success

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5 Steps for New Pet and New Business Success

Few things in life are sweeter than welcoming a new pet into the family. It can be difficult, though, to balance both a new pet and a new business. Follow these steps to successfully manage both.

1. Choose the Right Pet

Different animals have different needs. Dogs, for example, require frequent interaction, and you’ll need to make it a priority to spend time with your pup. Other animals, such as a turtle or fish, are more low-maintenance, and may take less time away from your business while still providing a chance to welcome new life into your home.

No two situations are the same, so assess the demands of your business on your time and energy, and make sure to choose a pet you are able to adequately care for.

2. Develop a Routine

Routines are valuable to both humans and animals. Your business and your pet both benefit from having a set routine that allows you to devote the time and attention to each. It is especially  

important for your new pet to learn to trust you and her new home, and a routine helps an animal know what to expect and when to expect it. That kind of stability helps enormously, particularly if you are house-training your new pet.

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3. Use Gadgets

The market is full of smart gadgets to help you and your pet live your best life together. Take advantage of technology wherever it works.

For example, invest in an automatic pet feeder for those times you won’t be home, or purchase a self-cleaning litter box to save you from pooper-scooper duty every day. There are many options out there, so research to decide what gadgets will work best for you and your pet.

4. Turn to Apps

Apps are another advancement pet owners can benefit from. There is a range of apps available that cater to nearly every animal owner, and they usually include information on how to care for specific pet breeds, where to find the best pet sitters, and how to recognize illness or injury in your animals.

There are even apps that let you monitor your spending on your pet, which can be useful as new business owners often are focused on limiting extraneous expenditures.

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5. Keep Your Assets Safe

Pets can do a lot of damage: Cats can scratch up furniture, and puppies will chew on nearly anything. Dog and cat hair can build up around the house, and potty-training pets are likely to cause some unfortunate messes. Protect your home and belongings by researching tools and tricks to pet-proof your home, and keep your belongings clean and intact.

Likewise, consider forming a limited liability company to protect you and your assets from unfortunate business messes. Choosing an LLC for your business structure has other benefits too, like less paperwork and more tax perks. You don’t even need to pay a lawyer to file for you; you can do it yourself through a formation service like Zen Business.

Launching a new business and bringing a new pet into your life are challenging but exciting endeavors. With these tips, you, your business and your pet can make a wonderful start.

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