Names for Your Puppy

Bringing a puppy home is extremely exciting. Children are particularly excited about the arrival of a new pup to play and cuddle. But, you can’t have a nameless puppy forever. It’s time to narrow down some names for your puppy, so you can think of one that suits them perfectly!

Choose a Name Your Puppy Will Respond To

Generally, we don’t give a puppy’s name too much thought. Yet in practice, giving a dog a name is not always simple. This happens because we overlook the fact that a dog’s reaction frequently depends on the name we have chosen. That’s why we highly recommend choosing a name carefully.

names for your puppy
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One thing to keep in mind is that the puppy’s name is the key to communicating with them. So, the name should be chosen so that it will cause the dog to respond quickly.

If the word or phrase rhymes too closely with another family member, a word that is regularly used, or a command, the dog can become confused and react incorrectly or not at all. Many dog owners also try to select a name that both expresses their inner thoughts for the puppy and the canine’s personality.

SHould Puppies Have People Names?

Choosing a “human” name for the dog is a common practice, but it is not always appropriate. In the field of pet training, there is some worry that as more individuals adopt human names like Charlie, Molly, and Maxwell, they will start to anthropomorphize their pets.

Of course we have to respect our dogs and give them the dignity they deserve, but dogs are not people and cannot be expected to learn how to adjust to each social situation they find themselves in or avoid troublesome behaviors for fear of being punished, as humans do. 

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That is not to say that dogs are not intelligent animals, they are. At the same time they have their limitations. Which is why, before selecting a name for the puppy, you should understand the importance of a name.

Good Names Are Easily Understood

What use does it serve to spend so much time choosing a name for the dog if that is the case? The name we choose must reflect the affection we have grown for the puppy, as well as the rhythm that goes along with it. Everyone is aware that dogs respond more quickly to people they have a bond with. How a puppy reacts to their pet parent’s call may depend on the name given to them.

Many dog trainers suggest giving dogs names that are more in keeping with their status, as well as names that are easily spoken (by humans) and learned (by dogs). Ideal names to give a dog a name are comprised of two syllables; some examples of this are Bella, Buddy, Cosmo, Lucky, Rocky.

In the end, the name will be with your puppy for its entire life. So choose wisely. 

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