100+ Names for Black Lab Puppies and More

Black dogs are a special lot, from the traditional black Lab to the striking great Dane, the schnauzer, the Portuguese water dog, or any adorable mixed-breed dog with black fur. So how do you select a wonderful name for your new black dog? Consider size, appearance, most importantly, personality. This list offers possibilities to accommodate any dog. 

the top 15 dog names

  1. Bear
  2. Stella
  3. Pepper
  4. Scout
  5. Nova
  6. Olive
  7. Dakota
  8. Poppy
  9. Skye
  10. Bean
  11. Arya
  12. Hershey
  13. Guinness
  14. Midnight
  15. Opal
  16. Darcy
names for black lab puppies
Photo by Chris F on Pexels.com

gender-neutral black dog names

  1. Adrian
  2. Amaya (night rain in Japanese)
  3. Angus
  4. Anise
  5. Artemis (the moon goddess)
  6. Asher (Ash)
  7. Astra
  8. Athena
  9. Bamboo
  10. Bartholomew (Bart)
  11. Black Beauty (for a show dog, perhaps)
  12. Blackberry (or just Berry)
  13. Blackjack
  14. Blake
  15. Boomer
  16. Bran (meaning raven)
  17. Brenna / Brena
  18. Bruno
  19. Calla
  20. Celeste
  21. Chase
  22. Cocoa
  23. Cola (as in Coke or Pepsi)
  24. Colby
  25. Cole (Coal)
  26. Corbin
  27. Cosmos
  28. Dahlia
  29. Darth (after all, Darth Vader becomes good in the end)
  30. Dashiell (Dash)
  31. Delaney
  32. Denali
  33. Deva (Hindu moon goddess)
  34. Domino
  35. Duna
  36. Duncan
  37. Ebony
  38. Eclipse
  39. Elvira
  40. Emery
  41. Espresso
  42. Eve (Evening, Evie)
  43. Flint
  44. Indigo
  45. Jett / Jetta
  46. Keira
  47. Kieran
  48. Kodiak
  49. Kuro (black in Japanese)
  50. Kylo (of the newest Star Wars)
  51. Leila / Layla (meaning “night”)
  52. Legend
  53. Licorice
  54. Luna (moon in Spanish)
  55. Lyra
  56. Maverick
  57. Nash (a star in Sagittarius)
  58. Nerissa
  59. Nisha (night in Sanskrit)
  60. Noir
  61. Nyx
  62. Onyx
  63. Ophelia
  64. Oreo (great for a black and white dog)
  65. Orion
  66. Orpheus
  67. Oso (Spanish for bear)
  68. Panther
  69. Pearl (as in a black pearl)
  70. Persephone (Persie)
  71. Rain (Rainy)
  72. Raven (not to be confused with a crow!)
  73. Sable
  74. Selena
  75. Selkie (seal-woman of Gaelic legend)
  76. Shadow
  77. Smoky
  78. Starling (a black bird)
  79. Storm (Stormy)
  80. Sullivan (Sully)s
  81. Thunder
  82. Turtle (fun fact: a type of black bean)
  83. Tynan
  84. Velvet
  85. Vesper
  86. Wednesday (as in Addams)
  87. Vega
  88. Wilder
  89. Yukon

People Names for Dogs

If a puppy has a human baby name, do you think it sounds acceptable to you? If this is the case, you are not alone. It used to be that the majority of us could agree on a suitable name for a dog. We were expecting conventional selections like Fido, Max, and Lady. Dogs are now more likely to be addressed by human names than ever before.

best black lab names
Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

According to our research, dog owners are increasingly choosing human names for their pets on an annual basis. A greater cultural trend that embraces dogs as full-fledged family members who deserve to have their own particular place in our homes and hearts is reflected in this development. Our affection for dogs is unwavering.

general advice when naming your pup

If you’re having difficulties choosing, keep in mind that a fantastic black dog name can come from a variety of various sources of inspiration, including your favorite cuisine, literature, celebrities, your heritage, or even the history of the breed you’re considering. In the case of a black Lab puppy, the name Rio might be inspired by water.

Another factor to consider while naming your dog is the breed. Dog training is a specialized field. When it comes to puppies, this is especially important. It’s important to make sure your new dog’s name isn’t a source of confusion when you’re teaching him to respond to commands like sit, stay, and come during the training process. In other words, avoid giving your puppy a name that sounds like a frequent dog training command.

best black lab names
Photo by Lukáš Kováčik on Pexels.com

Of course, the most important thing is that the dog name you choose is one that you enjoy saying. You will be delighted by the top names available. When it comes to choosing a dog’s name, we like to use the “backdoor test.” It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like: you stand at the back door and yell out the name you’d like for your new dog.

Once you’ve discovered the perfect name for your dark-colored dog, you can show off the new moniker while also protecting your dog with collars, leashes, and harnesses that are personalized, reflective, or bright. In dim light, that stunning black coat can be difficult to see at night.

have fun with naming

Naming your dog can be overwhelming, but trying to make it a fun process is important. Make a list of your favorite names and go through each one by one while comparing. Which name do you think suits your dog the best?

If you already have a black dog, and their name isn’t on the list, add it to the comments below as a source of inspiration for your fellow dog lovers!

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