Move Your Dog from Your Bed to a Dog Bed

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There is a wide variety of dog beds available, making it not only difficult to predict which one your dog would prefer but also potentially difficult to coax your dog into actually using it.

The majority of dog owners I know don’t mind having their pooches in bed with them. Even though this is your preference, you should think about putting the dog to bed on the floor in its own comfortable dog bed if you are experiencing behavioral issues.

Get Your Dog Out of Your Bed

Even if you’ve had the dog for a long time and he’s always been obedient, reestablishing your authority may be necessary if he suddenly starts acting up. As an alternative to letting your dog sleep on the bed, you can provide him with a cozy dog bed.

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If your dog insists on jumping onto your bed, you should teach him “Go to your bed.” You don’t need an angry tone; you just need to be consistent. If the dog continues to jump up, pick him up and say, “No,” or gently help him off.

Choosing the Perfect Dog Bed

Watch the way your pet sleeps, and consider his age.

  • If he likes to stretch out while sleeping, a comfortable rectangle mattress will probably be your best bet.
  • If he likes to curl up in a tight ball, an enclosed round or oval bed will be what he enjoys most.
  • Older or arthritic dogs may feel more comfortable with a memory foam mattress.

You truly do get what you pay for when it comes to dog beds. In just a few short months, a cheap and flimsy pet bed will have fallen to pieces. A bed that’s more expensive may seem overwhelming, but it will last preventing you from having to buy another quickly.


Provide the Scent

Putting a few of your dog’s favorite toys on or near his bed, as well as a shirt that smells like you, can help him feel more at home there. Place the dog’s bed next to yours so you can pet him and reassure him while adhering to your new rule that he is not allowed on the bed.

All your hard work will pay off when your dog begins to use his bed on his own.

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