Jack Russell Terrier Rescue and Learning the Breed

We basically want to find companions who would give us most of the benefits we think we need. Well, if you are looking for a dog that is somewhat of a one-in-package pal, you might find Jack Russell Terriers interesting enough.

The History of the Jack Russell Terrier

This dog has a history that somehow loomed to give rise to the species. It was said that the breeder of this dog, a young theologian student at Oxford University named John Russell, once met a milkman with a white terrier that had spots on his eyes and ears.

This dog became his interest, which later proved to be his foundation for breeding a new dog breed that many have learned to love as pets. The first dog he saw was named “Trump,” from which another 60 types of terriers were later bred.

Jack Russell Terrier Dogs for Hunting

With a terrier’s basic nature to go on and over the ground (a terrier, by the way, came from the Latin term “terra”, which means earth), Jack Russell terriers also have the disposition to hunt and scour for game.

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Thus, they should be given enough grooming so as to set off the dirt they gather from digging soil to either bury a treasure or to recover a hidden treasure kept long ago.

An excellent ratter, Jack Russell Terriers prove to be good “housekeepers” since they keep most rats away from home. Any unlucky rat that happens to be inside the quarters of this terrier is sure to meet its instant doom. Thus, owners find themselves with both a dog and a cat in one pal.

A Great Watchdog

One basic characteristic of this dog is its disposition towards strangers. They can easily figure out who must be kept away from their homes and who can be accepted inside the house. This very attitude also makes them good watchdogs. They were designed specifically to be aggressive towards prey.

Jack Russell Terrier rescue
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And while they can be very vocal, many of them only bark when they find a good reason to. They do not appear vicious though. But once they smell a threat, they can show off aggressiveness that could serve as a warning towards the strangers. However, once the stranger is let into the house by the owner, the Jack Russell can already tolerate his or her presence.

A Family Dog when cared for properly

This terrier is also a family dog and desires human companionship. And their love for children is significantly interesting. However, once they are abused or have been shown improper treatment, whether it be intentional or accidental, they can react with aggressive behaviors.

Their aggressiveness is further manifested with their lack of fear towards larger dogs which can, unfortunately, lead to injuries, some can even be fatal. They are also marked for their intelligence and good spirit. These characteristics can be highly observable through their curiosity about things. Thus, they require supplementation on formal training unless you can tolerate difficult behaviors.

The good thing though with Jack Russell is that it can acknowledge training and do well in most of them. In fact, they are known to champion various ring shows and other similar competitions.

known in hollywood

Hollywood has recognized the disposition of these dogs too. Coupled with feisty and good physical characteristics, this pal has already made a name for himself on the screens. If Wishbone, Milo (from The Mask), and Eddie (from Frasier) ring the bell on you, then there is no doubt that you can recognize this dog.

Jack Russells fair well with grooming. A dog of relatively small size, this breed will not tax you with grooming needs.

Jack Russell Terrier Rescues

If, after reading about the Jack Russell Terrier, you feel prepared to adopt one then check out the following rescue organizations:

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