I’m Feeding My Dog WHAT?

I started paying attention to dog food when there was a chance that I was feeding my wonderful furbabies a food that could have killed them.

Did Commercial Food Kill My Dogs?

I won’t mention the brand but there were advertisements after they passed away within 6 months of each other that the particular brand was said to cause kidney failure. This is what one of them passed away from.

The first dog was 15 years old, so we blamed it on old age. So, how do we know what foods are safe and what foods aren’t? There is the alternative of cooking their food yourself which isn’t too bad if you have a small dog or even just one. I will share a report further down that really makes you want to just make your own.

The Sugar Content in Commercial Food

I recently started feeding my new pet, Racheal Ray’s. I then found an article showing how you can tell how much sugar is included in the dog food!

What I am feeding her right now has 48% sugar. There are some that are like 55% sugar. How can you tell how much sugar is in that bag of dog food? If you add the protein, fat, and moisture ash, you should get the percentage of sugar you are feeding your dog.

Also, just because you are getting your food from your vet, does not mean it is any less in sugar than other foods. Feeding our dogs all of this sugar can lead to illnesses like cancer, diabetes, allergies and even inflammations.  And, there’s even a YouTube video about the connections by Rodney Habib!


Since my dog loves to eat and I would have a hefty grocery bill just to feed her homemade food all the time, I am hoping to find a good dog food while still giving her more protein from homemade food.

It seems as though ALL of the dog food I have looked at is just too high from the starches and other carbohydrates making sugar to be actually healthy. For the big question of what am I feeding my dog, the following article shows that companies like GRAVY TRAIN and others have phenobarbital in their food. This is what is used to euthanize a pet! This is the link to that article. There are dog and cat foods mentioned in this article.

Cook Your Own Food

It is looking more and more like the safest way to know your pet is eating safe and good food is to fix it yourself. While it seems overwhelming, there are books that have recipes for dogs or cats so you know your pet is eating well. One book is Dog Talk, written by Amber L. Drake, Dog Behaviorist. Her book is available on Amazon.

For now, until I get the right recipes, and into all of it I am using 4Health Dog Food along with what I fix. No more Milk Bones (included in that article), I will be making doggie treats.

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3 thoughts on “I’m Feeding My Dog WHAT?

  1. Oau..I am shocked . The question is, can we trust the bag informations? I mean, they say it doesn’t contain this and the other..that has vitamins and so on. How can we really buy something “healthy” if we don’t have time to cook ?

    1. For those who don’t have time to cook, I generally recommend this brand: http://www.thehonestkitchen.com. Honest Kitchen is an excellent dog food. It’s human-grade, minimally processed, and very close to a home-cooked meal. The food may sound expensive when you take a look at each box- but it’s natural and all of the food has been dehydrated to protect the nutrients in the food. When I first bought a box for my dog… I was thinking “wow, this is a small box, it’s not going to last long (I have a German Shepherd). You’d be surprised how long it lasts. All you have to do to make a ‘home-cooked’ meal (very similar, anyway), is scoop out the measured amount and add water, then wait for the food to ‘come to life.’ I try to cook as many home-cooked meals as possible for him (and I add EverPup to make up for lost vitamins/minerals). But, when I don’t have time, I feed The Honest Kitchen and he loves it just as much.

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