How to Stop Your Dog from Peeing in the House

Dogs are the best, and everyone knows it. But as a loving dog owner, you also know that there are some things your furry friend just doesn’t seem to understand. Like… not peeing in the house!

Though generally loyal companions, dogs can be frustrating if they’re peeing in the house on our beautiful wood floors.

Sounds familiar? You’re not alone. Thousands of carpets fall victim to the dogs’ smelly urine. Every. Single. Day.

But hey, don’t worry – The existence of a problem implies the presence of a solution.

Read along to see some simple tips that will help you stop your dog from aromatizing and moisturizing your house on a regular basis!

Research The dog Breed

how to get a dog to quit peeing in the house
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Get more information about how your dog breed responds to potty training and apply a more personalized approach.

Some breeds are more obedient than others, and others may need longer training and to learn where to pee.

Also, small dogs have small bladders. Therefore, you need to take them outside more frequently than larger dogs!

Go For Frequent Walks

You know what they say – it is better to be safe than sorry! In other words, going for frequent walks is a practical way to prevent peeing inside!

The reason behind it is simple – your dog will probably do its business outside and won’t feel the need to pee indoors!

However, frequent walks are only a temporary solution because you cannot dedicate your life to walking with your dog. (or can you?)

Try other methods as well!

Close The Dog In Small Space

If your dog pees around the home when you are away, limit their movements. Confine the dog to a smaller space to keep it away from the areas in which you don’t want the dog to make a mess.

For instance, you can lock the bedroom doors or keep the dog in their crate while you do errands.

Keep in mind that the space needs to be large enough so the dog can sit, lie, and stand comfortably.

Remember, though to never leave the dog in a small space for long hours. That can be harmful to their health!

Build a Walking Schedule (and Stick to It)

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As you slowly prolong the time between the walks, develop the walking schedule. Go outside with your dog when you wake up, before bedtime, and after lunch.

It is a basic schedule that your dog won’t have trouble getting used to in most cases.

However, if you get up one day at eight and the next day at noon, the dog will have a rough time adjusting to your schedule.

For your and your dog’s sake, it is better to get up and go to bed at approximately the same time.

Come Up With A Safe Word

Another trick you can use is to come up with the word you’ll only use when the dog is peeing.

Pick a unique word and shout it when the dog is peeing. Be consistent, and the dog will eventually think about the word as a command.

After a while, the dog will wait for you to say the word before peeing! Whenever the dog pees on your command, give him a delicious treat!

Avoid Puppy Pads

Puppy pads are practical for emergencies, for example, when a dog is sick or very young. But, puppy pads can confuse the dog and make the dog believe that peeing inside is okay!

If you stay away from puppy pads, you will help your dog stop peeing inside sooner.

Instead of puppy pads, clean the floor as soon as possible. You can also make a loud noise to signalize that peeing inside is wrong.

Change The Food Bowl Location

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Sometimes dogs develop a nasty habit of peeing at the same spot. Instead of trying to determine what attracts your dog to that spot, bring the dog’s bowl with food and water there.

It will break the pattern because no one, including dogs, likes to do its business where he eats!

Final Thoughts

If nothing works, take our dog to a vet to determine if the dog has an underlying medical condition that prevents the dog from holding the urine.

Once the dog gets better, you can apply some of the tips mentioned to help the dog remember the training!

How demanding was teaching your dog where to wee-wee? Share a funny story with us, and if you have more tips, please don’t hesitate to share them in the comments!

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