How to Increase Your Bond

Often, we hear the comment, “I would like to have a stronger bond with my dog but I just don’t know how.” This article will explain several simple ways to increase the bond you share with your dog. The answer to your question may be even easier than you think.

Amber L. Drake wrote an article about developing a strong bond with your dog with Rover. To access the article, please click on the article title below.

“10 Small Ways to Bond With Your Dog Every Single Day”

Time: Why It’s Important

When it comes right down to it, though. What do you think is absolutely the most important thing to your dog? Of course, time! All he or she wants is your time when it boils right down to it. She doesn’t care if that time is spent going for a car ride, playing or watching TV. Your dog wants you and is happy to do anything you want to do as long as it includes her.

Rover Article

The Rover article included in the link above shares other small ways you can bond with your dog. The article talks about eye contact, cuddles, communication and more!

Feel free to comment in the comments section of this post… how do you bond with your dog? Share some stories!


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