How to Find Lost Dogs Using GPS

A GPS dog tracker attached to your pet’s collar can reunite you if your furbaby does escape into the unknown. When a dog goes missing, it can be heartbreaking. But with GPS devices, lost pets may have more of a chance of being found than ever before.

If you’re undecided about choosing one of these devices for your furry best friend, here is some information about how GPS devices work and why we think that they would benefit any dog owner!

How to Find Lost Dogs Using GPS Trackers

These little gadgets are helpful for many reasons: they provide peace of mind for pet owners by giving their pets the ability to continuously be tracked and increasing the likelihood that they will be found sooner if they get lost.

GPS dog collars

how to find lost dogs

GPS dog collars are becoming more popular among dog owners, but it’s important to know what these devices can do for your dog. They come in many varying shapes and sizes, so you should pick the one that best fits both your dog or cat and, most importantly, your budget!

Price of gps dog tracker collar

An excellent GPS tracker can cost $100-$500 and requires a $100-a-year subscription—which may tempt you to try more affordable Bluetooth trackers like the Tile. These cost just $25 to $30 but have a minimal range. Trackers like the Garmin T 5 Dog Tracking Device can track up to four miles.

Unlimited range

Many people like to use GPS dog collars with an unlimited range (or one that can go from 25 miles or more) by attaching the device to a dog’s regular dog collar. This way, there’s no need to upgrade your dog’s collar or give them a separate one that they have to wear all the time!

GPS dog collar features

GPS dog collars come with many different features and add-ons, so you need to familiarize yourself with these before making a purchase. The majority of dog collars come with a two-month battery life, which is helpful for dog owners on a budget.

In addition, dog GPS collars can come with a cellular chip capable of sending out push notifications to dog owners if their dog escapes. There are also GPS dog collars that come with LED lights for those who want their dog to be visible at night.

Dog GPS collars with LED lights

Dog collars with LED lights are an excellent choice for dog owners who want their dogs to be visible at night. These dog GPS dog collars are built with dog safety in mind. The LED dog collar lights will automatically turn on when it is dark outside, making your dog visible to both dog owners and drivers alike.

In addition, dog collars with LED lights are helpful for dog owners who take their dogs on late-night dog walks or those who walk their dog in the early hours of the morning. These dog collars can be purchased with a wide range of dog collar colors, from dog collars that come in a pink hue to dog collars that can be customized with your dog’s name.

Dog GPS Collars with push notifications

Dog collars with push notifications are an excellent investment for dog owners who want to be notified when their dog escapes. This dog GPS collar will send out notifications when your dog escapes from the dog house, yard, dog park, or dog kennel.

Monitoring service and push notifications

In addition, to push notifications, dog collars with GPS can provide a monitoring service that dog owners can subscribe to for a small monthly dog GPS fee. Dog collars with monitoring services are helpful for dog owners who have been finding it difficult to keep track of dog walks. This dog GPS will allow dog owners to monitor their dog’s location at all times, ensuring that they never lose track of dog walks.

However, dog collars with GPS monitoring services are only accurate within a radius of approximately 60 feet, and they cannot be used to monitor dog walks or dog runs in real-time. This means that dog owners will only find out where their dog is after activating the dog GPS.

tracking Multiple dogs

Dog collars with push notifications are also helpful for dog owners who have multiple dogs, as they will be able to keep track of dog walks. Dog GPS collars with push notifications are beneficial for dog owners who have to make numerous stops during dog walks, dog owners who dog sit for other dog owners, and dog owners with multiple dogs.

Dog GPS collars with push notifications are also helpful for dog walkers and dog sitters, as they will be able to track dog walks without having access to the dog’s actual dog collar.

Protect your dog

how to find lost dogs using gps

GPS dog trackers are a great way to protect your dog or cat while also giving them the freedom they need. While dog GPS collars are a great way to keep track of your pet’s location, they can be used as dog prods or dog shockers by bad owners. While it’s important to know where your furbaby is at all times, this should not come at the cost of a pet’s comfort and happiness.


A GPS device for dogs allows all pets to have more freedom while still knowing where they are at all times. It also gives pet parents the peace of mind that their dog is safe wherever they may have wandered off to, whether in a dog park, around the neighborhood, or in another country while on a pet vacay!

How do GPS collars work on dogs?

GPS dog collars are valuable devices that allow dog owners to keep track of their dog’s movements. These systems come in various shapes, sizes, and designs depending on the dog’s needs. The dog tracker is attached to the dog’s collar and allows you to track their location via a mobile phone or tablet device.

Dog GPS technology

The dog-collar technology that has been in use for many years now works by emitting beeps, lights, vibrations, etc., when the dog approaches within range of certain boundaries set up during installation. These devices are suitable for dog owners looking to keep track of their dogs while they are out in the yard or at home.

SIM card

These dog collars have GPS tracking devices and come with a SIM card that dog parents can use worldwide. These systems only work within your pre-determined area, so you will need to know exactly where your dog is at all times.

Final thoughts

Nothing matters more than the safety of your pet. No matter how many precautions you take, dogs and cats can and do get lots. GPS dog tracking collars devices for pets are a great way to keep track of your dog or cat while also giving them the freedom they need. They’re also a safeguard against a bad situation.

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