How to Find a Lost Dog

When your dog is lost, your mind is frantic. Try to calm down and walk through the necessary steps to find your pup. Make a game plan regarding how to find a lost dog.

Start Searching

Before expanding your search area, conduct a thorough physical search of your neighborhood or the area where your dog was last seen, searching backyards, parks, and other surrounding locations. You should let everyone know that you are looking for a lost dog. Ask them not to pursue after your dog in an effort to catch them, but to call you if they see your dog.

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Wherever people or other dogs congregate, a pleasant, self-assured dog is more likely to be discovered. It’s more likely that a timid, scared, or hurt dog—or one that gets lost in an unfamiliar place—will be hiding or fleeing.

Make Flyers

In the neighborhood where your pet disappeared knock on doors and put big, eye-catching “lost dog” signs at local post offices and stores. Give out fliers with your contact information to anyone who frequents the neighborhood, including dog walkers, mail carriers, runners, and others.

Post notices in places like supermarkets, laundromats, community centers, veterinary clinics, dog parks, and pet supply stores. Spread the word by utilizing regional social media platforms and missing pet registries.

People will want to help you if they learn that your dog is missing. If not, they might believe the animal is unwanted and in need of a home.

Searching Online

The majority of towns have Facebook groups where lost and found pet information is shared. Look for groups in your neighborhood and put a notice about your dog going missing.

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On your personal Facebook, Instagram, or other social media accounts, share the article. It’s probable that other animal lovers may wish to assist you in your hunt.

Petco’s Special Tool

A national website called Petco Love Lost searches thousands of discovered pet listings from people and shelters all throughout the country using facial recognition technology. To begin the search, just submit a picture of your dog.

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