Golden Retriever or Golden Doodle: Which Is Best For You?

Should you adopt a Golden Retriever or Golden Doodle? Before you decide, you need to learn more about each. Golden Retrievers are a purebred dog, whereas a Golden Doodle is a mix between the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. Should you adopt a mixed breed… or the purebred? Let’s chat.

Royalty in the Dog World

Golden Retrievers are dog royalty. This iconic breed has been around for decades and is one of the most popular dogs in the world today. They’re loyal, energetic, smart, and playful. In fact, they’re known as “the best family dog on the planet” because of their friendly personalities and easygoing nature. Let’s learn more about this beautiful breed!

Most popular dog breed

Golden Retrievers are dog royalty. In the US, they’re the most popular breed of dog in terms of registration with the American Kennel Club (AKC).

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In England and Wales, they’ve been officially recognized as a national treasure since 1964: their image is featured on stamps, coins and currency bills. Canada has also bestowed this honor to Golden Retrievers by making them the official mascot of Air Canada—not bad for a breed that didn’t even exist until about 150 years ago!

Golden Retriever origins

The origins of the Golden Retriever are a little unclear. Some say they were bred to be companions, while others say they were bred as working dogs. However, most agree that the breed was initially developed in Scotland to retrieve game during hunting expeditions. The breed’s coat is short and dense and requires minimal maintenance.

What is a Golden Retriever like?

Golden retrievers are great family dogs. They’re loving, loyal, and friendly with everyone—including children. They’re also good with other pets and get along well with strangers too.

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They can be playful and energetic, but they don’t suffer from the hyperactivity that some breeds do (like Siberian Huskies). The Golden Retriever is a sturdy breed that can handle roughhousing or playing in the park—but it usually prefers to chill out on the couch instead.

Fun facts about Golden Retrievers

  • Golden Retrievers are the most popular breed in America, according to the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) most recent survey.
  • They’re also the most common breed used for search and rescue efforts throughout the world, and they’re one of only three breeds that has earned a spot on both AKC’s list of “top ten” best-selling dog breeds (the others being Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds).
  • In the UK, they’ve been crowned as Britain’s favourite dog breed year after year since 2007, when they dethroned Labradors as #1.
  • They’re also extremely common among guide dogs: At least 90% of all guide dogs in America are golden retrievers because of their gentle temperament and easy-going nature.

In Canada—where there are an estimated 6 million Golden Retrievers—they were named top dog by Pet Network magazine readers in 2011!

The pros and cons of owning a Golden Retriever


  • Golden Retrievers are the most popular dog breed in the United States. They’re friendly, loyal and very intelligent.
  • They love playing fetch, going on walks, or just relaxing by your side.


  • Golden Retrievers shed a lot (more than any other breed). You’ll need to brush them often if you don’t want hair everywhere! This isn’t a big deal unless you have allergies – but even then there are ways to minimize it (like using Furminator deShedding Tool).

How to mitigate the cons: If you have allergies like me then I recommend getting allergy medicine because they help reduce sneezing or coughing when I’m around my Golden Retriever. The medicine also makes it easier for me not to get so annoyed when he sheds everywhere because I’ll be less sensitive about it 🙂

Health issues in the breed

Golden Retriever breeders are doing their part to reduce the number of hereditary health conditions in the breed. They are working with dog breed organizations like The Golden Retriever Club of America and The Canine Health Information Center to help identify genetic problems that can be bred out of the gene pool, such as hip dysplasia and eye disease.

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In addition, there are several organizations dedicated to helping owners care for their dogs with certain health problems or other challenges (such as Arthritis Foundation Golden Retrievers).

The golden retriever is an iconic breed that has been a family pet for decades.

A golden retriever is a very popular breed choice among dog owners. This type of dog has been a family pet for many decades and they make great companions.

  • Golden retrievers are known to be good with children, which makes them an ideal choice for families with kids.
  • They are also good around other pets when properly trained and socialized, making them a great breed if you have other pets in your household.
  • They are very intelligent dogs that learn quickly, making it easier to train them if you choose not to use treats or rewards during training sessions.
  • Many first-time owners find golden retrievers an excellent option because they’re easy-going but still playful enough to provide entertainment and exercise without being too energetic or difficult to handle


Golden Retrievers are very much a family dog, with a friendly and outgoing personality. They’re loyal to their owners and enjoy being around children. However, they can be territorial about the things that matter most to them—like toys or food!

The golden retriever is not an ideal pet for apartment dwellers because they need regular exercise outdoors. These dogs are also some of the most slobbery dogs on earth—but that just means you’ll never have any doubt where your dog has been!

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