5 Reasons You Should Get a Dog Yoga Mat

Yoga has taken on a novel form ‘doga’, which is based on the concept of doing yoga with a companion. However, the companion in doga is your best friend, the dog, instead of a human counterpart. The meditative sessions are beneficial not just for you but for your pooch as well.

Pooches enjoy the pet-massage and relaxing music at the doga classes. It can motivate them to join you in your yoga each day and bring more fun, vigor, and energy to the class. If your dog still shows disinterest, why not begin it at home, where he feels comfortable being around you?

What the Woof is Doga?

You heard me right! Doga is a combination of yoga and bonding time with your pup. It’s yoga for dogs! Or more accurately, yoga with dogs. Imagine you’re in child’s pose, and your pooch is just chilling next to you, perhaps even stretching out in their own version of the pose. Doga is a playful and stress-relieving way to practice yoga while spending quality time with your fur baby.

5 Reasons You Should Get a Dog Yoga Mat

Let’s explore the positive effects you’ll reap after joining doga sessions ‘regularly’. It shouldn’t be irregular at any cost, or else there are no results.

1. A FeEling Of Being Loved

According to Dr. Danni Shemanski, doga can develop a feeling of being important and loved. If your pooch has been craving time and attention, doga session will provide him with an opportunity to connect with you. If your pooch is suffering from separation anxiety, it can be tackled well by doing doga with the pooch. According to Dr. Danni Shemanski, doga can develop a feeling of being important and loved.

The mindfulness exercises and a feeling of being connected help to improve your understanding of the dog.

Remember: To avoid poopy mats at the end of the day, don’t forget to take Fido’s poop scooper, poop bags, etc.

2. Improved Behavior in Your Dog

Doga has been shown to improve the focus of dogs and their obedience level. Their anxiety problems have been toned down to a great extent.

Moreover, as you start feeling connected with your Fido, you’ll begin to understand his body language better. The meditative doga will surely improve your patience level during dog training. This patience and understanding have a two-pronged effect on the dog to demonstrate better behavior and obey the commands.

3. Reducing Your Dog’s Anxiety Levels

Yoga, music, and a companion dog will assist in relaxing your mind, body, and soul. It’ll reduce the anxiety levels of pooch by utilizing his excessive pent-up energies. Breathing exercises are extremely relaxing; while cuddling the pooch will add to the good feeling.

The bonding between you as the owner and your anxious or fearful dog will strengthen after attending doga classes regularly. You’ll act more patiently toward the dog. Aggression, anxiety, and other destructive behaviors will be toned down gradually.

4. Losing Weight With Your Pup

Whether you are obese or your dog, you both are going to benefit from doga by burning the extra tons of calories. The meditative exercises work on all your body’s muscles through stretches.

The doga poses involve dogs doing the stretches and imitating your yoga poses. Therefore, the extra calories will get burned, and the extra energy will be invested positively.

When your dog tries to imitate you, he will definitely end up looking funny. Among all the fun and exercise, you would forget how much time has passed. Yeah, a motivation to visit doga class regularly!

Developing Social Skills

Dog parks are a good opportunity for you to meet a bunch of people and socialize more often. Doga classes provide you with an equal opportunity to socialize, but with people who are more self-aware, mindful, and maybe a bit anti-social. If you are fond of peaceful company, you’ll find many of them at doga classes.

Doggy Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Do make sure it’s fun! If your dog isn’t into it, don’t force it.
  2. Don’t attempt complex poses that might risk injury to you or your dog.
  3. Do start with short sessions. Five to ten minutes is a good starting point.
  4. Don’t forget to consult your vet if your dog has any existing health issues that might affect their ability to participate in physical activity.

Learning Doga With Your Pooch

The pooch will learn to socialize with people and their dogs at the yoga class. The dogs at yoga class will mostly be well-mannered and well-trained due to the meditative effects of yoga. Your Fido might learn a thing or two from them as well.

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