DoggieLawn Reviewed: A Perfect Potty Solution for Urban Pooches

One integral part of pet care that can’t be neglected is making sure our beloved pups have a safe and comfortable space to ‘do their business.’ This is where DoggieLawn comes in, a versatile solution that can significantly improve your dog’s quality of life, especially in an urban setting.

But what is DoggieLawn, and how can it be beneficial for both you and your pup? Our team has used this themselves, and you’ll love what we have to share!

What is DoggieLawn?

DoggieLawn is an innovative and convenient service that delivers a patch of real, fresh grass straight to your doorstep. It’s designed to serve as a natural, easy-to-use restroom for your dog, especially useful for those living in apartments or high-rise buildings without easy access to a yard.

doggielawn for rescue dogs that are house training

Why DoggieLawn is a Great Solution

When this arrived at our doorstep and we opened the box, we were amazed to discover a high-quality, natural earth-smelling patch of grass. Forget the puppy pads, this product goes above and beyond!


As we were learning about this product, we thought “what an excellent idea for people who live on the 14th floor of a high-class apartment building in a huge city! Just because people in urban areas live in condos or apartments, that doesn’t mean they don’t want a pup to share their life with.

Life in the city can sometimes make it difficult for dog owners to provide their pets with ample green space for their bathroom needs. DoggieLawn eliminates this problem by bringing the grassy field right to your home, making it a real game-changer for urban dog owners.

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doggielawn brings grass straight to your doorstep

Training Made Easy

This product can also be a lifesaver for dog lovers who recently brought home a puppy or a rescue dog who is still learning where they’re supposed to go potty! Dogs instinctively want to do their business on real grass, so training them to use the DoggieLawn comes naturally.

And, unlike puppy pads, the patch of grass will help them understand the texture of where they should use the bathroom. This can save you a lot of time and stress during the puppy phase. There’s even a tray beneath the grass to make sure nothing seeps through onto your floor!

Incontinent Dogs

Small dogs, dogs with bladder or bowel problems due to medical issues, or elderly dogs could benefit from the DoggieLawn. We work a lot with dogs that have cancer and this product will be a lifesaver for their pups when they’re not feeling up to going potty outside. It’s already hard to care for your dog when they’re ill. This takes one task off their plate, which can be a breath of fresh air.

Odor Control

Since DoggieLawn uses natural grass, it absorbs odors much better than artificial grass pads or pee pads. This can make a massive difference in keeping your living space smelling fresh.

Similar to how house plants help purify the air, grass can help provide natural Earthy aromas, even if your dog is going potty there. Now, you might say over time this could be smelly. But, that’s why it’s a subscription! A new patch will be delivered to your door so you can throw the old one out.

A Natural Potty Pad to Discard

Those of you who have house trained puppies with puppy pads know how quickly these can stack up in the garbage. And who knows how long they take to decompose. If you’re like us, you care about the environment and what’s better than using something natural to help reduce your footprint?

When you’re done with the patch of grass, you can of course throw it in a garbage bag if necessary. However, if you live in a more rural area like where we’re located, simply place the grass outside and it will mend into the Earth naturally.

doggielawn can be used in apartment buildings or condos

How to Use DoggieLawn

Once you purchase the Doggielawn, you may be wondering how to use it. Here are the answers to your questions:


Firstly, you should decide where to place your DoggieLawn. It should be a convenient spot for your dog but also an area that can be easily cleaned. We would recommend you place it out on the balcony (if it’s safe), in the bathroom, or laundry room.

If none of these are options, find a place you think your dog will be most comfortable. Or, if there is a particular area in your home where they just won’t stop going potty, put it there. If they have already chosen a spot, especially if you have a small dog in an high-story apartment, why not use it.

Introduction To The DoggieLawn

Introduce your dog to the DoggieLawn, allowing them to sniff and become comfortable with it. You can even encourage them to use it by praising them when they do using positive reinforcement. Each time they use the bathroom there, give them a treat. This will help your dog associate the DoggieLawn with goodies.


DoggieLawn is low maintenance. However, for hygiene purposes, you should remove solid waste regularly, just as you would during a regular walk. The lawn itself lasts for about two weeks before needing to be replaced.

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Other Tidbits to Know

Here are some other little tidbits that may help in your decision to purchase a DoggieLawn subscription:

  • Cancellation fees: There are no cancellation fees if you choose to cancel your subscription
  • Different sizes: There are four different sizes to choose from based on the size of your dog and your preferences.
  • Scheduling: There are different options to choose from based on your needs. Choose if you want a new patch of grass once per week, once per month, or any where in between.
  • Telehealth: New customers receive one free month of telehealth, so they can ask questions should any arise about their pup.
  • Paw points: If you subscribe, you can earn 1 Paw Point for every $1 spent. Paw Points can be redeemed for FREE products for your doggie.
  • No dirty floors: DoggieLawn’s grass patch is “soil-less” which means it contains none of the dirt you find in sod sold in home improvement stores, so you don’t have to worry about random piles of dirt winding up all over your clean floor.
doggielawn can be used for small dogs or dogs that have a hard time holding their bladder

Wrapping Up

With a solution like DoggieLawn, you can provide your furry friend with a natural, comfortable bathroom space without any hassle. With convenience, easy training, and odor control as its main benefits, it’s no wonder DoggieLawn is a popular choice among many dog owners. Give it a try and make both your life and your dog’s life easier!

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