Dog Grooming at home Effortlessly-Best Advice

Dog Grooming is always important and a challenging task for its owners. Some people do self-grooming whilst numerous avail the services from the professionals. The professions use different devices and gadgets to style the pets. However, one can easily do the same at home with little effort. In this way, you can save some money too.

Presently, technology has made dog grooming easy and quick. Here are some valuable tips, tricks, and expert advice that you can follow and groom your dog professionally at your home.

There is a bit of difference between the grooming needs of a puppy and an adult dog. If you start from puppyhood, the dogs get habitual to such sessions and cooperate with the groomers happily.

How to perform Dog Grooming at home?

General care and grooming of dogs play an important role in their health and personality development. People have a misconception that only brushing their coat and bathing is grooming.

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Here are some detailed steps involved in proper and perfect dog grooming sessions at home. Let’s dive further into the discussion.

  1. Teeth Cleaning

One must make a habit of cleaning their dog’s teeth regularly. If you can’t brush your dog teeth on daily basis, make a schedule on alternate days. As humans, it is important to clean their tarter to avoid various mouth infections and odd smells.

Teeth cleaning of dogs is not difficult and the owners can manage it easily. Always use dog paste and start teeth cleaning with gentle rubbing. Hard strokes can injure their soft gums and dogs will not cooperate with you in the cleaning sessions.

  1. Regularly Coat Brushing of a dog

Regardless of the dog breeds, all dogs need coat brushing. The expert groomers state that coat brushing not only makes their skin healthy and free from tangle hair but also provides smoothness in their fur. Also, coat brushing helps to make the dog’s coat shiny, neat, and glossy.

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There are different thoughts about the frequency of coat brushing. However, one must remember that long-haired dogs need more frequent brushing than short ones. Dogs that need more frequent coat brushing are golden retrievers and border collies because of their long fur and double coat.

Eventually, daily coat brushing makes the dog’s greatest physical appearance. If you are lacking time, you can adopt a schedule for an alternate day brushing or once a week. With regular coat brushing, one can save their home from matted hair.

  1. Nail Grinding or Clipping

All the dogs need their nails trimmed or clipped after every 4 to 6 weeks. Actually, the overgrown nails cause problem in their smooth gate. Also, long nails can damage them as well as other small pets or children at home.

Dog Nail trimming requires extra care because one can cut one skin. Therefore, it is highly recommended to make your pets calm, give them a treat and start the procedure. Also, ensure using that equipment that is free from sound, buzz, or sensation. There is Best Dog Nail Grinder that works well and grinds the nails without pain, heat, or vibration.

  1. Hair Trimming

Like a dog’s nail grinding or clipping, hair trimming also needs much care. There is overgrown hair on the sensitive parts of dogs i.e. eyelids and paws. Overgrown hair around the eyes can cause temporary blindness to your dogs.

While using a sharp razor or scissors, be vigilant to save their skin from cuts. Unfortunately, if you accidently face this situation, consult the doctors. People spend time for hair trimming at the grooming centers, however, you can do the same job at home with little effort.

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Due to long hair around the eyes, dogs get frustrated and rub their face on everything that may lead to injuries. You need a little care and can easily trim thick hair around the eyes of your dogs.


Firstly, calm your dog or let him lay down. Gentle caressing makes him relaxed. Start slowly because sharp edges of your instrument near your eyes or paws may cut the skin of your dog. If you are nervous, don’t do the same at home and get this service done by the experts.

  1. Skin Grooming of Dogs

Due to various skin infections, the dogs get irritated and start scratching or licking the infected areas. It is an open invitation to several other parasites like lice, ticks, and fleas. Problems like tapeworm appear instantly.

One must inspect their dogs regularly and if some unusual lumps or bumps are visible, there are chances of skin problems.

Also, rashes, sores, or redness needs immediate vet consultancy. At homes, you can keep the areas hygienic and avoid dog shampoo or soap till its recovery.

  1. Regularly Ear Checkup

Same with eyes, nails, and hair grooming, ear cleaning is a very important part of the home grooming sessions. Floppy ears of the dogs are the main reasons for dog ear infections that may be painful. Always check the ears of your dog carefully to clean the moisture and other foreign body particles.

Causes of Ear Infections

Here the main causes of dog ear infections including

  • Ear mites
  • Bacterial Infection
  • Ear Allergies

Symptoms of Dog Ear Infections

These the major symptoms of dog ear infections. With proper cleaning and grooming, one can save their dogs from this painful situation. However, if they get severe, don’t start self-medication and visit your doctor immediately.

  • Bleeding
  • Ear Discharging
  • Shaking of Head
  • Bad smell
  • Red Ears with Inflammation

Mainly, these occur due to excessive moisture, however, regular ear cleaning ensures safety from them.

  1. Dog bath at home

First-time dog owners think that regular bathing is mandatory. However, it is totally wrong. Regular dog bathing shreds the natural oils and causes dry skin. Only bathe your dog when it is very important or when they are overwhelmed with mud and create a bad smell around.

Bathing Tips

There are a number of pH levels in the skin of dogs. Avoid using human baby shampoo. However, shampoos made particularly for dogs are perfectly fine.

Always try to use mild warm water and let your dog thoroughly wet. Massage him gently with the shampoo. Refrain from applying on eyes, or ears.

Rinse fully with water and let him shake his body to dry. On the other hand, you can use a soft towel gently. More information can be seen at Silver Lab.

Have a happy dog with all the above grooming tips.

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