Different Types of Barking

Most dog lovers will tell you, “I can tell the difference in my dog’s barking styles.” At first, we may look at them in a puzzled way but they’re absolutely right. Your dog does have different bark styles to let you know what they are talking about. Each bark serves a different purpose. Isn’t that interesting?


Territorial Barking

Territorial barking is the bark your dog will emit in response to people, dogs or even just another animal entering their territory. Your dog’s territory often includes their home, their yard and potentially even a little bit further. Some dogs may also include the area where they take their daily walk as their territory.


An attention-bark is the bark you hear when your dog wants your attention.

Alarm Barking

An alarm bark is the bark you hear if your dog is barking at a certain sight or sound. Usually, you hear an alarm bark if your dog is telling you about a fire alarm or other unusual sound.

Frustration Barking

When your dog is placed in a frustrating situation, he may emit a ‘frustration bark.’ This may not be something you believe is frustrating but to him, it may be an upsetting situation. For example, if your dog is in one room and there is a gate up so he can’t go in the other room, this is when he will emit a frustration bark.

Greeting Bark

The greeting bark is emitted when a dog is excited to see you! When he is greeting barking, his tail is likely wagging and he’s displaying playful body language.

Separation Anxiety Barking

Excessive separation anxiety barking usually happens when the dog’s guardian is gone from the home. This is the type of barking your neighbor may complain about when you leave the house. Separation anxiety barking is barking in an attempt to ‘get you back’ and explain how upset they are you are gone.

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