Destructive Chewing

Chewing is a dog’s way of ‘exploring the world.’ Often, we hear of puppies chewing excessively because it relieves the pain of teething. In other dogs, it is their natural instinct to chew to keep their teeth clean and healthy. Chewing is also a dog’s way of relieving anxiety or boredom.

Excessive Chewing Becomes a Problem

Excessive chewing in dogs becomes a problem. We don’t want them to chew up the items around our home. If items are being chewed, please don’t think your dog is a ‘bad dog.’ This is a common issue for many dogs and it is a normal behavior.

Puppies and Excessive Chewing

Our puppies need to chew on something. Their teething phase can last up to six months of age. So, during this time, you can expect your puppy to need something to chew on. There are many recommendations for the teething phase.

You can try giving your puppy some ice cubes to chew on, for example. Stocking up on puppy chew toys also helps significantly. Kong toys are highly recommended as they are the most safe in many cases.

Chewing Due to Boredom

Adult dogs may chew due to boredom. This can be due to a lack of exercise or mental stimulation. Every dog is different and requires a different amount of physical and mental exercise. Most dogs, on average, need about an hour per day of exercise to feel healthy and comfortable.

A tired dog is a happy dog. This is an important statement to remember. Try taking your dog on an extra walk each day, playing fetch or even taking her to the dog park. You can also take a look at the mental stimulation treat puzzles that are now available at most pet stores.

Remember to Be Patient

Remember to be patient throughout any behavioral problem. Scolding your dog and/or punishing your dog severely reduces the trust your dog has with you… and the bond you share.

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