4 Common Dog Adoption Mistakes

When you’re planning to adopt a new furry family member, there are a few important tips to keep in mind.

A dog will be in your life for a decade or longer, and you’ll be his heart for his entire life. This is not a commitment to take lightly.

Mistake #1 When Adopting a Dog

The number one mistake is adopting a dog on the spur of the moment. You might see an adorable little puppy as you scroll through your Facebook or your news feed. Of course, he’s adorable. But, are you ready for the commitment?


Mistake #2 When Adopting a Dog

The second mistake dog lovers make when adopting a dog is underestimating the cost of being a responsible dog guardian.

Whether you choose a purebred dog from a breeder, or a mixed breed from the local shelter, making sure you understand this will not be the only cost is critical.

Keep in mind you’ll also have to pay for dog food, veterinary care and any other necessities your dog has… and he will count on you to take good care of him.

Mistake #3 When Adopting a Dog

If you’re adopting a dog to ‘replace’ a dog you lost, tread carefully. It’s important to remember that your new dog will not be able to replace the one you lost.

Each dog is unique and the dog you are adopting will fill a new place in your heart.

Your adopted dog’s personality will not be the same as the dog you lost, even if she is the same breed.

Mistake #4 When Adopting a Dog

A dog is a part of a family, so you should make sure all of your family members are on board with being a part of your dog’s life.

Some breeds do tend to ‘prefer’ one person, but they all want to feel loved by everyone in the home. And, they should be treated with respect and have a sense of belonging.

A Wonderful Companion

Adopting a dog and welcoming her into your home is the most wonderful experience. But, be sure to take your time when deciding which breed, age, size and personality is best for your family to ensure all of you are happy.


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