Doggy Chicken and Rice

Chicken and rice is an excellent option for dogs who are prone to upset stomach or simply are picky in their eating habits. This is also a good, healthy meal for those who just want to cook their dogs a homemade dish.


  • Shredded, boiled chicken
  • White rice
  • One cup of hot water


  1. Boil chicken.
  2. In a separate pan, cook white rice
  3. Once the chicken is cooked, shred the chicken into the cooked white rice
  4. Add approximately ½ cup of warm water
  5. Mix thoroughly

Feed this meal to your dog in place of her usual meal.

You can also feed this in smaller quantities throughout the day which can be easier for their little bellies to handle.

In terms of how much to feed, adjust based on your dog’s size, appetite and activity level.


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