13 Top Unique Dog Names

You’ve probably heard of plenty of dog names before, like “Buddy” or “Harley” or even “Gizmo.” But have you heard of any of these top unique dog names? If so, we bet that you’ll be glad to know that they exist!

1. Ace

If you’re looking for a name that will suit your dog’s personality and look, Ace is an excellent choice. It can be used for both male and female dogs, and it works well as a name for mixed breeds as well. The meaning of this name is “the best” or “first-class,” which is fitting when it comes to your pet companion who makes life more fun every day!

top unique dog names
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2. Apollo

You might not be thinking of naming your dog after the Greek god Apollo, but it’s a great choice. Not only is he known for his musical prowess, but he was also the god of poetry and prophecy. He also had light skin and dark hair, so if you’re looking for a name that reflects this combination, look no further!

In addition to being associated with music, Apollo is also the name of several space shuttles and programs from NASA (including one named after him). If you love astronomy or space travel and want to honor someone who did amazing things in those fields (like going to the moon), then this could be an excellent option for your pup.

If this name feels too poetic for your taste—or if you feel like everyone else will think it’s too poetic—then consider these other possibilities:

  • Zeus: The Roman version of Apollo; has similar connotations as far as being associated with power and creativity
  • Orion: A constellation named after another Greek god

3. Aslan

Aslan. A name with a lot of meaning, but it’s not just any lion-like name. Aslan is a character from The Chronicles of Narnia, who is both an uncommon and powerful name.

Aslan is a great choice for parents looking for names that are uncommon and stand out from the crowd! While literary names aren’t usually chosen as names for real babies, this one might be an exception to the rule.

Aslan is also kind and brave; you can’t get much better than that!

4. Avalanche

Avalanche is a great name for a dog that has white, fluffy fur. It can also be used to describe the coloration of other breeds, such as Huskies, Pomeranians, and even Alaskan Malamutes.

best uncommon dog names
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When choosing a name for your pet, consider the qualities they embody. A name like Avalanche will be perfect if you have a white dog or one with light-colored or greyish undercoat/fur—not just in terms of its appearance but also because it seems fitting!

5. Bacon

Bacon is a word that has been around for centuries, but only recently has it come to represent something else.

It used to mean something very different: the cured meat product made from pork belly. But now, it’s become associated with a certain kind of hipster culture: one that appreciates food and enjoys experimenting in the kitchen.

It’s also become synonymous with pop culture trends like tattoos and tattoos of bacon. It’s still trendy—but not so much that you’d run into one in real life (or on Instagram).

6. Bandit

Bandit is a popular dog name, but it’s also the name of a bandit. It could be used for a dog that is a thief or for a dog that’s just kind of rebellious. The origin of this word is French, so it’s likely to sound sophisticated no matter how you pronounce it!

top unique dog names
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7. Banksy

If you’re looking for a unique name, Banksy is an excellent choice. It’s not only the name of one of the world’s most famous graffiti artists, but also a male dog that belongs to someone in your life! Either way, Banksy makes for an awesome name.

If you’re not sure if your partner will agree with this choice—after all, it may not be their favorite artist or art style—you can always go with a more traditional option such as Bob or Fred instead. But if Banksy is what floats your boat (or even just floats yours), then by all means go for it!

8. Barnaby

Barnaby is a great name for a dog, cat, hamster or guinea pig. In fact, it’s the name of one of the most beloved characters in children’s literature. Barnaby is an awesome uncommon dog name because it has so much potential to be misread and/or misunderstood. This can lead to some interesting conversations with strangers!

The first time I saw my friend’s new puppy, he had decided to name him Barnaby. He was very excited about his decision and explained how much he loved the character from The Magic Tree House series that shares this name. I nodded politely but secretly thought he’d given his puppy an odd moniker.

best unique dog names male
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Fast forward five years later: another friend asks me what kind of dog her aunt wants for Christmas this year—a black Labrador Retriever named Barnaby! It turns out she heard her older sister say “bar nay” while talking on speakerphone while shopping at Target last weekend (the pet store) and decided that would make a great gift idea for their mommy-to-be; she knew her mom would love having another family member named after her favorite literary character!

9. Bear-Bear

A name for a dog that is big and furry. A name for a dog that is a bear of a dog. A name for a dog that is a bear-like dog.

best unique dog names female
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10. Bender

Bender is a good name for a dog. The name Bender is not commonly used for dogs, but it’s not unheard of either. This means that there will be fewer people who have the same dog name as your pet and that should help it to stand out! If you are looking for more uncommon names, try these:

  • Aston Martin
  • Stella McCartney

11. Bentley

Bentley is a common name for luxury cars and also the name of a dog in Disney’s Lady and the Tramp. It also appears as one of the main characters in Black Beauty, another book by Anna Sewell published in 1877.

12. Bluebell

Bluebell is a beautiful flower that grows in the spring, and it’s also a girl’s name. This makes it an excellent option for your dog if you want to give him something pretty and unique. It can work for medium-sized dogs as well, but it might be too feminine if you plan to have a large breed like an English Mastiff or Great Dane. Not only that, but bluebells are often blue—that’s why they’re called “blue”! So this name will really suit your pup if he has blue eyes or fur or even just his nose!

If none of these things seem appealing to you at all, there’s another way Bluebell could work: You could choose this uncommon name because its meaning is simply “blue” (also known as bleu). That may not sound very interesting at first glance, but think about how many other names refer directly to colors; I’m sure there are plenty more than five!

13. Blossom

Blossom is a name of English and Latin origin. The meaning of the name Blossom is “flower.”

Blossom is one of those names that’s been around for ages, but doesn’t get much attention because it sounds so ordinary. But this simple name actually has quite a bit going for it once you start looking into its significance.

Blossoms are small flowers—they’re delicate, feminine (especially when paired with a middle name like Rose), and they do indeed look like little blossoms (particularly when compared to large blooms). As far as dog names go, Blossom should definitely be considered!

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